• International Legal Consultants
    International Legal Consultants
    works directly with client's providing them with a complete understanding of the laws and implement the techniques and procedures necessary to ensure compliance. We go where our clients need us providing on-site representation.
  • WHERE we are Needed, WHEN we are Needed
    We are proud of being a small, nimble, yet dynamic law firm with many years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the legal system, business environment, culture and local practice. We visit our clients on-site when you need it.
  • International Transactions
    There are non-quantifiable outcomes of buyer-seller contracts that are intangible and difficult to measure or predict. Protecting your international transactions is an interesting task that requires expertise. 

The Networked Attorney in the 21st Century

Today's technological innovations have made the world a smaller place. This transformation is everywhere and this is especially true in the practice of Law. Gone is the day of the "Norman Rockwell depicted and adorned" law office where the attorney handles everything. Today's attorney has a wealth of information, technology, and experience to instantly access and network across the globe to serve clients or to provide them with the ability to travel to a client's international location (as we often do) and provide that necessary "human touch" to manage complex and critical legal matters. Some clients prefer this face to face contact and representation especially during serious matters.

David W. Hutton, Esq.

Working with clients around the globe, providing on-site representation when you need it. International Legal Consultants works to bridge cultural differences across the street, across borders and around the globe.



We provide one-on-one interaction with our customers that enables us to create long-term relationships. International Legal Consultants collaborates with the best minds, the best resources, to provide our customers with the expertise, experience, and care their unique business situation requires..


David W. Hutton is a contract attorney engaged in international and domestic transactions for businesses; especially those new to the expanding national or international market. He has extensive experience establishing legal departments within corporate structures for the first time.